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Confriki 2005 - Russia and Scandinavia


Contiki Russia and Scandinavia tour (21 days)

July 25th - Everyone arrives in Copenhagen.  The early arrivals went to the city center for lunch and Museum Erotica!
July 26th - Copenhagen sightseeing as a group.  We saw the Geffion Fountain, the Royal Palace, Opera House, Dragon Claw and the Little Mermaid.  We also took a tour of the Carlsberg Brewery.  Detour taken to Christiana and The Round Tower.
Played a nighttime game of "I Never Ever".
July 27th - All day bus trip and ferry ride to Stockholm.  Lunch at Ikea then traveled onto our campground.  Had dinner in town.   Was hard to get into sleep mode because it was still light out even after midnight.
July 28th - Had breakfast at Cafe Volvo.  City tour of Stockholm - saw Town Hall, changing of the guards, the Vasa Museum, dinner on a Viking Boat, then a jazz concert in the park.  Went to the Icebar and played Eskimo.
Played a nighttime game of "I spy".
July 29th - Free morning in Stockholm.  A lot of people just hung out at the mall and then got lunch.
Took "The Love Boat" for traveling to Helsinki, Finland.  A wild time was had by all.
July 30th - Free day in Helsinki.  Internet and napping!
Finally only two people to a room in the hostel.  Early night had by most.
July 1st - Canada Day!  Spent most of the day traveling to Russia.  The border went much quicker than expected.  Stopped in Vyborg for lunch then traveled onto St. Petersburg.  Got upgraded to a great hotel then had Champanski by the Baltic Sea.  Had dinner then went to a Folk Lore show.
July 2nd - Went on a tour of St. Petersburg.  Saw Petrodvorets Palace and the Leningrad Memorial.  Had a free afternoon then went to Dodgy Serge's underground cd and dvd shop.  Bought Russian Porn, then had dinner at My Mys.  Went to the hotel bar for drinks.
July 3rd - Another tour of St. Petersburg.  Saw St. Isaac's Church, Hermitage, Rasputin's death site.
Went to see Swan Lake at the Ballet where most people slept.  Most people ended up at the hotel bar.
July 4th - Independence Day!  Free time in the morning.  Roamed around and took a boat cruise.
Drove about 3 hours to Novgorod.  Went on a city tour.  Saw the Kremlin and a beach with lots of guys in Speedos.  Had dinner at the hotel.
July 5th - Drove to Moscow and stopped for McDonald's on the way.  Went to Red Square and took our group photo.  Went to the bar across the street for Ryan's big night out.
July 6th - Did a tour of the Metro.  Saw Lennon's body, St. Basils Cathedral.  Went shopping at GUM.  Had dinner on Aleksanorovsky Sad then went to a strip club in the hotel next door.  Also had a room party.
July 7th - Went on a tour of a Russian Military Museum.  Spent the rest of the afternoon at the hotel, had dinner in a construction site then went to the circus.  This was the day London got bombed.
July 8th - Shopped at the covered markets, then traveled to Yartsevo and Hotel Oasis.  On the way there, we saw the Borodino memorial.  At the hotel, we had dinner then watched a dance show and then a stripper performed for us.  Spent all our Russian Rubles.
July 9th - Went on a tour of Smolensk and some more memorials.  Ate lunch at a shack on the side of the road.  Traveled on to Minsk, Belarus.  Went on a tour of Minsk, then had dinner.
July 10th - Early morning departure for the Belarus / Poland Border.  Stopped for a quick pee in the bushes.  Saw the Brest Memorial.  Spent several hours at the border playing soccer and cards.
July 11th - Went on a city tour of Warsaw.  Saw the Ghetto Heroes monument.  Free afternoon - I shopped, others went to museums and churches.  Attended a Chopin piano recital in the afternoon. At night we met up with another Contiki group and went to an underground club with more stripper poles!  Most people got drunk and had a great time.  Midgets rule!
July 12th - Spent most of the day traveling to Berlin.  Stopped at the Berlin Wall.  Had dinner at some German place.  People went to the hostel bar.  Some rooms had a revolving door for hook ups.
July 13th - Went on a Third Reich walking tour with a New Yorker named Sarah (A NYer giving a tour of Berlin?)  Saw more of the Berlin Wall, where Hitler's bunker once was, Checkpoint Charlie and a Karl Marx statue
Went on a nightlife hopping tour - included a beach bar and several other steamy bars - snuck in a hooka break.  Ended the night at a dance club.
July 14th - Drove all day back to Copenhagen.  Had dinner at Rosie McGee's.  Some people played "I Never".
July 15th - Lots of sad good byes.  Sorry for all the tears!!!